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We have shared a friendship with coffee producer Luis Alberto Balladarez for over a decade. Luis Alberto is a fourth generation coffee farmer and he has been training his children as the fifth. We recently had the opportunity to speak to two of his children, Luis Gadiel Jr. and Maria Josue, at the Specialty Coffee Association trade show in Chicago. What a joy to hear some recent updates from the Balladarez family! 

Luis and Maria explained that their father is now actively transitioning much of the day to day operations of coffee production over to his children. They are choosing to focus on some new technology that will help compensate for the growing labor shortages in Nicaragua. They specifically spoke to us about an optical sorter for coffee cherries which they hope will only improve quality separations post harvesting of the coffee cherries. The implementation of this technology not only will shift how the coffees are milled but will also allow for fewer harvests. We are truly amazed at the creative and resilient thinking of Luis and his family. As always, we greatly look forward to the future of their family business and our continued friendship. 

In the Cup: Fruit Cocktail, Sugary, Tart Cherry, Juicy Body

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