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El Ganador Maracaturra

by Carabello Coffee
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This is the same micro-lot of coffee that won the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence in 2010 from Luis' farm Un Regalo de Dios. We're thrilled to have this unique blend of honey process and washed. The blend results in the positive attributes of honey processed coffees, namely a really rich body, and the clean cup attributes of a washed coffee. Add to the mix the fact that it is a Maracaturra varietal (Luis' favorite) and you've got a serious winner.

Since 2011, we have roasted the coffee of our Nicaraguan friend Luis Alberto Balladarez.  His five beautiful farms are located in the Nueva Segovia region of that country, in the Mozonte and Jalapa areas. 

We've been wanting to purchase one of the lots that have come from El Ganador for last few years, we're very excited to finally be able to share one with you! 


In the Cup

 This is a high caliber Nicaraguan coffee. We taste cherry, peach, tropical fruits (think mango or papaya), very complex, sweet, and full bodied.

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