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Grand Cru Colombia ACES Castillo - 8oz. Tin

by Carabello Coffee
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Our Grand Cru coffees will only be roasted and shipped on specific dates.  Please select the date(s) you prefer to have your coffee roasted.  All orders of our grand cru coffee default to whole bean.  If you want this coffee ground, please specify in the notes field of your order.

Our Grand Cru coffees are by far the highest scoring and most complex coffees we roast.  To become a Grand Cru, a coffee must score a minimum of 90 points - a level of quality most coffee drinkers have never even tasted.  

Our friends at Cafe Imports have put together a truly exceptional program that they call "Aces".  This program is designed to highlight coffees that score 90 points or higher and that display unique cup quality that results from tireless experimenting and meticulous processing from the farmer.  If the farmer's coffee makes it into the Aces Program, they are rewarded with a much higher price than they can fetch at market.  By participating in the Aces Program, we get our hands on exceptional coffees that often never even hit the open market (as was the case wth this coffee).  

Grand Cru Colombia Castillo

We happily present to you an Aces program coffee from Huila, Colombia, grown by Edwin Leguizamo.  According to our Quality Control guy, Jacoby Steele, this 90 point coffee is mind-blowing!  The varietal is Castillo, a varietal that was bred to be tough.  It is a crossover between Catimor and Caturra varietals which have helped Colombia become resistant to "leaf rust" a disease that kills coffee plants on a massive level across coffee growing communities.  Farmers typically have had difficulty producing the quality that they want from this varietal, but Edwin Leguizamo has masterfully produced this lot of coffee from 100% Castillo. 

Buy with confidence.  Only 75 tins will be produced!

Tasting Notes

This coffee is very complex and refreshing from start to finish.  We taste a lot of tropical fruits, like papaya, melon, grape, orange.  The body is creamy and there is a delicious fresh herb flavor in the finish. 

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