Carabello Coffee

Grand Cru Release #94 Finca Encino


This Grand Cru coffee is the best of the best! Though it comes from Guerrero, Mexico, a region not especially known for its stellar coffee production, Maria Marcello is making strides to change that perception.

Maria is the owner and operator of Finca Encino, a six-hectare farm that sits at an altitude of 1,200 MASL. In addition to cultivating her 12,000 coffee trees, she also grows plantains, oranges, and limes. Maria is known for incredible attention to detail within the cup, resulting in exemplary flavor quality in her coffees.

With this coffee, Maria has intentionally utilized a process called anaerobic fermentation. During this process, the freshly picked coffee cherries were placed inside a sealed container and allowed to sit prior to drying. Anaerobic processing can greatly impact the flavor of the coffee and often results in an intensified fruity flavor with an increased body.

In the Cup: Winey, Berry, Chocolate, Floral


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