Carabello Coffee

Guatemala El Durazno


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

After 11 years of roasting coffee, it is a well established fact that our customers LOVE high quality Guatemalan coffee.  And if that's you, this lot will not disappoint! 

Octavio Lopez Camoseco grows peaches and coffee at his farm El Durazno, or in English, "The Peach."  While he does an excellent job at both, his peaches are so good that they are unfortunately stolen frequently.  Lucky for all of us, coffee is much more difficult to steal, so he gets to cash in for a well deserved premium for this micro-lot.

This lot from El Durazno is a mixture of some of the higher quality varieties on his farm, all of which harmonize well together to produce one of the most enjoyable Guatemalan coffee we've tasted this year.

Our friends at Cafe Imports have a buying program in Guatemala lead by Piero Cristiani, which focuses on not only finding gems like this, but they help find a home for the majority of the coffee producers like Octavio grows in community and regional lots.  This partnership ends up being a much larger help than simply helping him sell his best- it's providing stable prices year over year with familiar and trusted partners.

In the Cup

This coffee is both easy-drinking AND adventurous.  No, that is not a paradox.  Expect an enjoyably complex coffee with notes of Cherry, Orange, Raspberry Jam and Chocolate.


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