Jubilation Snapchilled Coffee - 6 PACK (INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING)


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Only Twelve 6-Packs Available Online.  This items ships COLD from Elemental Beverage in Massachusetts.**

This is a first and we are really stoked about it!  Our beloved Jubilation Blend as Snapchill is pure YUMTOWN.

Each year, we select specific coffees from our friend Luis in Nicaragua to create the perfect blend for cold winter days. This year’s blend is composed of a single lot of a pacamara variety processed three different ways: Washed, Honey and Natural. 

In our minds it is perfect for Christmas.  It is festive, fun, and celebrates our relationship with one of Nicaragua's best coffee farmers.  And now, for the first time, we have canned this seasonal favorite.

It won't be around long, so enjoy it while it’s here! 

What is Snapchilled Coffee?

This is cold coffee like never before.  Traditional methods like cold brew, ice, and refrigeration diminish all the flavors and aromas of coffee.  So nearly a decade ago, Elemental Beverage set out to make cold better.  Using the basic laws of physics, they developed their thermodynamic, Snapchilled technology that makes hot coffee cold in seconds–without dilution, oxidation, or additives.  

We first heard about these guys back in the Summer when we tried one of the coffees they did for Dayglow in LA.  We were very impressed, so we gave them a ring and decided to test our Block Party - a coffee known for its fruit sweetness.  We wanted to see if that sweetness and complexity would actually translate to the finished product - which is actually not possible in a traditional cold brew method. 

BOY WERE WE SURPRISED!!!  Everything we love about that blend was pristinely preserved and intact on the other side of the brewing / canning process.  We were sold, and this is now our third Snapchill offering!

Buy and enjoy with confidence.  

**This product ships 2-Day Air as a 6-Pack of 12oz cans, COLD**