Carabello Coffee

Kalico Mama


This is a special blended lot of coffee curated by Angele Ciza. Angele Ciza is an incredible woman. We met her for the first time in 2018 and have been buying her coffee ever since. She has been in coffee for 23 years, and over those years she has grown her business to one farm and 7 wet mills in her home province! She calls her business the Kahawa Link Company, for short, "Kalico", which is also an expression meaning "there are cherries on the trees!" in Burundi. Kalico Mama is a special separation of female producers' coffee that Angele started to try to support women in her community.

Here's what she had to say about it in an interview with Atlas Coffee Importers:

"Kalico Mama is the name of a new brand of coffee that we produce in partnership with ATLAS and is a women-produced coffee. This coffee comes from female farmers (widows, single mothers and other women). We operate this coffee separately to other coffees delivered to the washing station. The concept behind the new brand is to promote women in the coffee industry, starting from empowering women producers as well as disabled women. We have made a special bag design to make the coffee unique and more visible. A local sewing group of disabled women sew the special bag art, and out of the profit margin we get from the coffee we will redistribute in a social corporate responsibility way or add extra money on the cherries delivered. We will work with the producers and women on a project that will be beneficial."

We hope you enjoy this wonderfully special Burundian coffee, its the cleanest and sweetest lot we have tasted.

We Taste:
Brown Sugar, Tropical Fruit, Pear, Lingering Finish


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