Carabello Coffee

La Peña Natural


Luis Alberto Balladarez is a fourth generation coffee farmer. Originally from Honduras, his family immigrated to grow coffee in Nicaragua. They settled on a small farm in Dipilto and coffee became their way of life. Luis has shared with us that some of his early memories were “in the middle of coffee trees.” As his family’s coffee plants grew, so did Luis and his passion for coffee production. 

Now, Luis employs around 1,000 workers per year, owns several farms, a mill, and an exportation business, and is training his children to take over the family business. With such great responsibility, Luis strives toward excellence, innovation, and blessing others. The intention behind it all is to celebrate all of the gifts he personally has been given throughout his life. 

We are always excited to present our customers with coffee from Luis. Not only is it an opportunity for us to share his story, but it is an opportunity to share incredibly high quality and delicious coffee. This naturally processed yellow catuai was grown on one of the highest elevations on finca Un Regalo de Dios. Though there are several varieties grown on this lot, each one is carefully picked and processed separately. 

In the Cup: Delicate, Floral, Tropical, Balanced

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**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**