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Latte Art Class July 17th 5pm

by Carabello Coffee
Price $50.00
This class is designed to help anyone achieve their latte art goals. If you have no experience but have just always wanted the fun experience of trying to pour a latte or cappucino just the way your favorite barista does or you're in the coffee industry and would like to go deeper in your knowledge and skill - this is the class for you. 
It will cover the basics of milk steaming, proper steaming technique, and then dive into how to pour hearts, rosettas, and tulips.
Up to four people. Purchase buys one spot.  
2.5 Hours
 Please view this class you would a one time sporting event.  If you miss it, we cannot refund your money.  Our staff teaches based on interest and sign ups. Thank you for your understanding.  If you know you need to switch to another date, please give us at least 5 days warning so we could attempt to fill your spot.  

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