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Latte Art Throwdown May 9th- Barista Sign Up


Barista Friends!

We have 32 competitor spots available for our Latte Art Throwdown. 24 will be available for purchase online and we will leave 8 for walk-ins (first come first served)!

It’s a $5 buy in & we wanted to give you a rundown of how this is going to go -

How It’s Going to Work

Austin will be rolling a set of dice. One will decide the size of the cup to pour and one will decide the art for the pour. We have 2 sets of dice - one set for the earlier rounds & a more difficult set for the last few rounds. Here’s what’s on the dice:

Rounds 1,2,3

Cup sizes - 12oz, 8oz, 6oz

Art - Heart (2x sides of dice), Tulip (2x), Rosetta (2x),

Rounds 4,5

Cup sizes - 8oz, 6oz, 5oz, 3oz

Art- Rosetta (2x sides of dice), Tulip (2x), Swan, Phoenix

What the Judges Are Looking For

Expected Design - does the design meet the definition of the design expected?

Contrast - how white is the white of the foam, how brown is the brown of the crema, are the lines sharp & clear?

Symmetry - is the pattern or shape even / uniform on both sides? (there are exceptions if the design is not meant to be symmetrical).

Complexity - how much skill did the pour / design require?

  • Fill - is the cup filled to the brim?

Simply put, the winner in each round is the barista who executes more of these categories well than the other barista.

We’ve got some really exciting prizes from Fellow, Prima, FCC, Created Co, NotNeutral, and many more! If you’re not already convinced our good buds from Braxton Brewing will be there!

Planning on hanging out with us? Go ahead and check out our Code of Conduct Here.