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Limited Release #60 Colombia Miguel Jimenez


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

Tolima is not an area of Colombia where people usually think of their favorite coffees. Overshadowed by years of development in Nariño, Cauca, Huila, and other powerhouse regions, Tolima hasn't experienced as much of a renaissance from specialty coffee pricing. People like Miguel Jiménez are trying to change that.

Miguel organized the purchase of cherry for a group of producers in the city of Planadas and meticulously processed the group's collective coffee to create a very unique lot of coffee. Miguel utilized a technique used in many vineyards called "maceration", soaking the coffee in a sealed container makes a kind of fermentation happen that creates a huge burst of fruitiness. This is then followed up by a slow, natural process drying.

The result is an extremely dynamic coffee, and will be sure to put Tolima on the map as an innovative coffee producing region.

In the Cup

Strawberry, Blackberry Jam, Bubblegum, Juicy


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