Carabello Coffee

Grand Cru #63 Black Diamond


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Black Diamond seems like a name more likely to be paired with the sounds of shredding guitar riffs than a coffee.  So we say, cue the shredding guitars, because this is a doozie of a coffee!  A true 90 pointer that leaves no one in the room doubting its superiority. 

Las Lajas has made some of our favorite coffees year after year for around 6 years now.  This micro-mill owned by husband and wife duo Oscar and Francisca Chacón.  The Chacón family have their own farms and also process their neighbors' coffee for them for a service fee.  By many industry estimates, 50% of flavor creation for coffee is due to processing.  But having the right equipment and area to process coffee well is a substantially higher cost than growing the coffee itself. 

The Chacóns are credited with scores of innovations that have inspired the coffee processing world, the main one being the flavor modulation of honey processed coffees.  Yep, they invented it!  But this grand cru is their most impressive and highest scoring creation to date.

Oscar and Francisca have taken their "black honey" process, which is the nickname for the honey process that takes the longest period of time, to a new level they call "black diamond honey." 

In this variant, the cherries are transferred to drying beds where they can perform constant temperature checks, with the goal of slowing the drying down as much as possible.  The aim is what Oscar calls a cold crystallization of the sugars in the mucilage.  He developed this from what he learned while drying his best nursery seeds, and then applied the innovation to the coffee cherries.  

The results plainly speak for themselves, and we are stoked to have snagged THE LAST BAG of this special coffee!  

In the Cup

A True 90 Point Coffee: Highly Complex, Juicy & Winey, with flavor notes ranging from Mixed Berry to Cider to Caramel. 


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