Carabello Coffee

Grand Cru #79 Black Diamond


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Black Diamond seems like a name more likely to be paired with the sounds of shredding guitar riffs than a coffee.  So we say, cue the shredding guitars, because this is a doozie of a coffee!  A true 90 pointer that leaves no one in the room doubting its superiority. 

Oscar and Francisca Chacón are among the first farmers to produce specialty grade honey and natural processed coffees in Costa Rica. The Chacóns are credited with scores of innovations that have inspired the coffee processing world, the main one being the flavor modulation of honey processed coffees.  Yep, they invented it! 

Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to experimentation in how they processed their washed and honey coffees.  Necessity led them to processing natural coffees.  When an earthquake removed their use of power and water, Oscar and Francisca drew on their knowledge of African coffee production.  The couple built raised beds and thus began their production of natural processed coffees.

This coffee is truly a showcase of the Chacón’s journey as producers. It combines the natural process with an innovative drying technique called Black Diamond.  The Black Diamond process spans over a period of 15-22 days where the coffee is slowly dehydrated without abrupt rises in temperature.  The process demands close monitoring and strict control measures, yielding a cured coffee in which the sugars of the mucilage are allowed to cold crystallize.

This grand cru is their most impressive and highest scoring creation to date.

The results plainly speak for themselves, and we are stoked to have snagged some of this special coffee!  

In the Cup

A True 90 Point Coffee: Highly Complex, Juicy & Winey, with flavor notes ranging from Raspberry to Chocolate to Rose. 


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