Carabello Coffee

Limited Release #89 Mbale Mountain


This washed experimental microlot is a shining example of how incredibly good coffee from Uganda can be. It was recently featured in Africa’s largest barista competition by Ibrahim Kiganda, who not only won the competition with this coffee but is also the first Ugandan to achieve a spot in the World Championship. Ibra is the processing manager of Mountain Harvest, the cooperative responsible for processing this coffee.

Mountain Harvest serves the coffee growing communities of Mt. Elgon, a mountain whose peak is split between the Ugandan and Rwandan border. While most coffee from this area is processed by farmers at their homes, this coffee has been centrally-processed by Mountain Harvest. Fresh coffee cherries from select communities were taken directly to Mountain Harvest’s headquarters in Mbale to be processed.

Centralized processing is a rare practice in Uganda, though a common practice in other East African countries. These centralized microlots are Mountain Harvest’s attempt to gain the highest cup profiles through a greater level of control compared to farmers who process their coffees themselves. This coffee does not disappoint!

In the Cup: Honey, Brown Sugar, Pear, Mandarin Orange


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