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Limited Release Coffee Bundle 01–04

by Carabello Coffee
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For a limited time, we are bundling the first four coffees of our Limited Release Series! Get coffee numbers 01–04 for the holidays in this special bundle.


01 COSTA RICA SL28 HONEY: La Perla | Carlos Barrantes

Say hello to our Grand Cru coffee! This beautiful coffee is part of the Cafe Imports ACES project, meaning it scored above 90pts in its grading. This Golden SL28 Honey processed coffee comes from producer Carlos Barrantes’ farm called Chispita in the Cirri Sur, Naranjo region of Costa Rica. Carlos and his wife, Diana, only produce about 300 bags a year with an incredible dedication to quality over quantity. They work with the same close-knit group of 45 pickers each year in order to keep consistency through the entire process. The attention to detail & close relationships that go into producing this magnificent coffee set it on an entire different level & we are absolutely thrilled to get to share it with you this year. We are sure that you will love each delightful sip you share with your loved ones this season.

We taste an intense Sugary, Sweet Flavor with Blackberry, Plum, Lime, Raisin & a Creamy Mouthfeel with a Clean Finish.


02 YEMEN NATURAL: Sharqi | Al-Emadi

This is the first coffee from Yemen that we have ever offered & we are unbelievably stoked to share it with you. Yemen is the second oldest coffee culture and with that comes a strong tradition of flavor. Yemen has been in the midst of an awful civil war since 2015 & Cafe Imports has focused on making a difference in the way they know how: “sourcing, buying, selling, and proselytizing about the best coffees they can find”. This amazing coffee comes from a receiving station started by a man named Shabbir Ezzi, who wanted to “make high-quality coffee a viable, sustainable, and empowering pursuit for the farmers”. At any station Al-Ezzi has started or is associated with, the producers are paid a high base price just for bringing it and then premiums on top of that for meeting certain standards. Several smallholder farmers brought together their coffee in order to form this amazing lot. Take part in the ancient coffee tradition of Yemen & enjoy this special, unique offering.

We taste a Fruity Acidity with notes of Red Wine, Dark Honey, & Chocolate with a Sweet, Smooth Mouthfeel.


03 GUATEMALA: Los Cipresales | Francisco Morales

We have been working with producer Francisco Morales over the last two years & we’re proud to call this a relationship coffee. It comes from Francisco’s farm, La Esperanza, which is tucked away in the El Coyegual region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

We taste a Wine-like Fruit Acidity, with a Sweet, Ripe Coffee Cherry Flavor with Grape & Chocolate that drinks super smooth.


04 KENYA AA: Kirinyaga | Muchagara

The Muchagara coffee factory is one of the oldest in the region, dating back to 1959, & certainly one of its best lots in the Kirinyaga region as it sits along the base of Mount Kenya. This coffee represents the efforts of a cooperative, called Baragwi, which is made up of hundreds of smallholder producers in the local surrounding area who expertly sort & combine their coffees. This exquisite coffee is exactly the reason that Kenya coffees receive such high acclaim.

We taste lots of Stone Fruit, Floral Tea, Berries, Sweet Citrus, & Granola. This coffee is a wonderful balance of Bright & Delicate.

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