Carabello Coffee

Milk Chocolate salted Caramel Mona Lisa Bar


The historic Mona Lisa for arty lovers! The creaminess of this organic milk chocolate leaves room for crunchy caramel, and finish with a salty touch from Guérande. Le Chocolat des Francais brand.  

Size: 80g (2.82 oz).

Made in France 

Ingredients: Red Cane Sugar (34%), Cocoa Butter (25,03%), Whole Milk Powder (18,84%), Cocoa Mass (11,84%), Salted Butter Caramel Bursts (10%), Of Which Cane Sugar(49,80%), Of Which Glucose Syrup (25,10%), Sugar Concentrated Milk (15,10%), Butter (10%), Guerande Salt Flower (0,3%).(Allergens: milk)

*Indicates organic farming product