Carabello Coffee

Myanmar Lay Ywar Natural


This is now our 5th year bringing in coffee from this newly emerging market and we are excited to share another pristine natural with you from these fantastic producers!

Myanmar has only recently arrived to the world of specialty coffee and is already making a name for itself.  Coffee was introduced to the country then known as Burma in 1885 by British colonials.  When the British left, coffee trade with the West became almost non-existent and was only “unofficially” traded across its borders to countries like China, Laos, and Thailand.  

The recent opening of Myanmar’s economy has allowed its people to focus more on its relationships with the global economy and also cultivate its coffee growing and processing practices.  The majority of washed coffee is grown in Mandalay, while the majority of natural processed coffee comes from the southern Shan State. 

This "Mostly" Red Catuai natural processed coffee comes from 180 small farmers within the Dunu community of Lay Ywar.  The climate there is hot during the day and cool at night which lends itself to the cultivation of amazing coffee.  Additionally, during harvest season the weather is hot and dry which is perfect for natural processing. Catuai is the variety most commonly grown by these farmers.  When the farmers of Lay Ywar first started making improvements to their growing and processing they described the experience as being quite the challenge, “like building a house in the sky.”  Yet, since then their practices in both agriculture and business have grown to be exemplary!

In the Cup: Strawberry, Vanilla, Orange, Creamy Body


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**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**