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Nicaragua Bella Aurora


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We've had the joy of knowing Luis Joaquin and Marielo Lovo for many years now.  In 2016, we decided to make Luis Joaquin's coffee the base for tandem espresso so that we could purchase more of his coffee - and ever since then we've been purchasing our espresso component along with a couple micro-lots from this wonderful family.

The Lovo family owns three farms, Santa Theresa, La Pradera, and Bella Aurora.  They overlap and continue to slowly rise in elevation from the first to the last.  Luis Joaquin's has taken over primary management and ownership of all of the farms, as his father is now 100 years old and his brother David also owns a cattle ranch.

Luis Joaquin was an engineer in his younger career days, and he's incredibly scientific about everything he does.  He keeps meticulous records of rainfall, temperature and other weather details, harvest yields, and the amount of bugs caught in traps year over year.  He likes to make steady and calculated changes to growing techniques and processing and he gauges their effectiveness by correlating it to changes in quality and other indicators.

In the past three years he has placed in the top 3 cup of excellence winners along with several top lots.  This coffee comes from the farm that has yielded those winners, Bella Aurora.  This is a full red Caturra separation, and it is very representative of the excellent quality he produces all around.  The flavor profile is lush with chocolate and cherry, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser in the best of ways.

In the Cup

Caramel, Raisin, Cherry, Chocolate


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