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Rivense Villa Sarchi Honey


The story of our friendship with the Ureña family began in January of 2023 when we visited them for the first time. In February of 2024, one year later, we had the opportunity to visit them again. It felt like we were seasoned friends. We continue to be amazed at how willing this family is to joyfully bring us into their day to day lives. 

On our most recent visit, we stayed in a guest house on the Ureña's property and had our meals in both Regulo's home and Ricardo's home. We were able to tour their farms (Chirripó and Reniser), see how they process the coffees, and cup those same coffees. It was a beautifully immersive experience! 

Regulo and his wife Isabella have four sons Ricardo, Mario, Esteban, and Luis as well as a daughter named Tatiana. The three eldest sons work alongside Regulo on the farms and at the mill. With the help and encouragement of his sons, Regulo made a shift from traditional farming practices a little over a decade ago. They made innovations that included acquiring an exportation license and building a wet and dry mill. From nursery to exportation, the Ureña family now oversees every step of the process.

The use of exclusively experimental processing methods sets the Ureña's coffee apart on the global market. These processes in combination with the cultivation of rare and highly sought after varieties makes their coffees truly next level. This honey processed coffee is a unique variety called Villa Sarchi. Rarely found outside of Costa Rica, it was first discovered sometime in the 1950s and 1960s. Villa Sarchi is a variety that grows much smaller than other coffee plants and is well adapted to high altitudes and windy conditions. 

In the Cup: Mixed Berries, Cherry Pie, Creamy Body, Vanilla 


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