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Sumatra Reje Gayo - Women Producer Lot

by Carabello Coffee
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Sumatra Reje Gayo is our first women producer offering from Sumatra, and we could not be more excited to bring this exceptional coffee to you.  This offering is a part of the Cafe Imports Women Coffee Producer Program in which a premium, above the value of the coffee itself, is paid directly to an association of producers that are predominately women.  From their website:

"There are a total of 282 producers that contributed coffee to this specific lot, all of whom are women. These women either own, or manage a farm of an average area of 1.5 hectares. The Item Reje Gayo cooperative works with this group of women producers, helping to educate in terms of production practices, and overseeing the application of a premium that was included in the purchase of this coffee.  

The use of the premium was decided by majority vote taken among all women members at a village meeting. This year’s premium will be put towards purchasing new farm tools: shovels, hoes, saws, and shears — for all members.  As for the future, Reje Gayo believes this program will continue to grow and promote the ability of women producers through education and an organized support system."   

There are only 200 total pounds of this beautiful coffee, so grab yours while you can!  

In the Cup

Sumatra Reje Gayo is very clean and sweet as far as Sumatran coffees go.  The coffee is quite complex, with flavors ranging from grapefruit and citrus sweetness to some earthiness and sweet tobacco.  Acidity is citric and the coffee is well structured, with a good presence and a creamy body.  

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