Carabello Coffee

Winter Song Seasonal Blend


**All local pick up orders will remain available for 30 days.  After 30 days they will be donated to a local charity due to storage space.**

This tasty seasonal blend is Back for a third year!

Here in the Midwest we have learned to be brave and suffer through the grey, dark days that define Winter.  For those of you whose hearts look forward to Spring, we have crafted a coffee that tastes best when paired with cozy blankets, wool sweaters and puffy coats.

The components of this blend have varied each year and this year is a fun duo of coffees from the Rebuilding Women’s Hope cooperative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The components of the blend include a washed bourbon and a natural bourbon from the Rebuilding Women’s Hope cooperative. 

Rebuilding Women’s Hope cooperative (RWH) is led by female farmers on the island of Idjwi.  Their founder Marcelline Budza set out on a mission to improve the lives of women through providing them dignified work. At RWH, women direct the trajectory of the coop and use agriculture and coffee production as stepping stones to self-empowerment and entrepreneurship. The coop has over 3,000 members and around 2,230 of those members are women. RWH uses its funds to support its members through incentive programs and the greater community through the building of maternal and pediatric clinics as well as funding a women’s center that provides education. 

In the Cup

With delicious notes of sweet vanilla, chocolate, and a touch of earth and smoke, this blend has what you want during these dark, cold days!  Those who enjoy a darker roast will find a friend here.


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