Because of YOUR Generosity They Can Now Wash Their Dishes in Jalapa

How many times have you and I stopped to thank God for the fact that we can wash our dishes with running water?  For me, I'd have to say maybe a few times in my life.  

But I know a small group of people who are now seriously grateful they can finally do what you and I enjoy everyday: turn on a faucet and get running water.  

Back in January we made a $5,000 investment in the infrastructure of the farm the Jardin del Ninos orphanage owns in Jalapa, Nicaragua.  

While they had a solid well and a good pump, they still had to put the water they were drawing out of the well into buckets and then carry them inside to use them for washing dishes, clothing, etc.  

So, when it was proposed that one of the things we could do was build them a water tank, it was a no-brainer.  

Here she is in the photo: one lovely blue water tank!  I know, not much to look at to you and to me.  But to these simple Nicaraguans, this is one big advance for their daily lives.  

This puts time back in their day; it means several fewer steps to getting simple tasks done.  And those little advances add up.  

This water tank is here because of YOU.  

In one month Emily and I will get to lay our eyes on this when we visit Nicaragua, and we will know it is standing there because of the choice YOU make to support Carabello Coffee.  

And as we grow and expand, it will mean there will be more people in more places having simple needs in their lives met.  All because people like you make a conscious choice as to where you spend your coffee dollars.  

So today, when we turn on our faucets, let's pause for a moment and think of Pastor Carlos and those kids and the farm workers down in Japala, and give thanks for what God has done for THEM through US.