back to school!

Sorry the posts have been spaced so far and few between.  Our school started Friday, so we are trying to figure out our schedule of balancing school and coffee stuff!  Here are a few new pictures from the market recently.  We have had such a great time at the market the past few weeks!  So many families coming and hanging out with us, and this past week was the salsa competition.  I (Emily) entered a jar of salsa into the competition, but sadly I did not win.  However, considering I had never made salsa before, and some of the competition entries were from people starting a salsa company...I don't feel too bad! 





Did you know that I make pillows out of the coffee bags that the green coffee comes in?  Apparently I ended up in the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday with the same photo that I was in another paper earlier.  They must have shared photos.!  Kind of funny-but it is great publicity right? :)  I just wish Justin was in the photo!  If you'd like to check my pillows out, look at 

We are doing a fund raiser at our school again this year for the Fine Arts Boosters (FAB) and we all passed out samples at our ice cream social Friday night.  Look at all those Carabello Coffee shirts-yeah!