We love Velocity

This past week was our second weekend to roast in our new location of Velocity Bike and Bean, and we love it!  It's so delightful to roast in a great atmosphere, among nice people and the warehouse we were in before wasn't exactly...inviting.  It's so exciting to see our coffee being bought, sold, and drunk by new people in a real live store :) 

The orphanage we help support is starting a new microbusiness making laptop bags and purses from old coffee bags.  (Woohoo-this was my idea!) And, Velocity has graciously offered to let us sell them there.  They have sold 3 in only one week!  PTL!  The money goes straight back to the orphanage and the seamstresses and tailor.  They are very excited about this new business.  The orphanage owns about 4 foot powered sewing machines for this task. 

We are deep in the throws of ordering more coffee for the rest of the year.  Coffee is harvested in different months depending on what part of the world it is grown in. Because of this, it is hard to buy at this time of the year, because if we wait another month or two new harvests will be coming in.  Harvest time is December and January in Central America for example, but yet we will not see those beans processed and to us until spring next year.  But, if we wait another month or two we could get some Indonesian coffees...but we can't wait!  We need coffee now!  So, it's always a balancing game. 

Velocity has begun to tear out the wall you see in the picture below so that you will be able to see us roasting when you come into the shop.  Can't wait for this to be done!  It's very cramped back there while we bag and weigh at the moment!  It's the back brown wall with the cabinet in front...we are in a room behind that at this point.