Cincinnati Enquirer article

We are so excited!!  Justin's face is the cover of the Kentucky Enquirer...(I didn't make it, but that's ok with me!)  and there is a smaller version in the local section of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  We have already had a few inquiries from possible new customers.  Praise the Lord!  I feel like a proud mother hen :)  We feel TRULY humbled by the path that we are on, and are so excited for growth.  We don't care about growth for our selves, but rather that the more coffee sold equals the more people helped.

Today I went to the grocery store to buy a few copies of the papers.  I tried to stay calm and collected, but I couldn't, and ended up announcing to the lady-"That's my husband!"  She was so nice, and all these cashiers came and looked and told me they'd be proud too if their husband was in the paper :)  Here's the pictures the newspapers.