The Entrepreneurs and Their Dump Truck

When my wife and I signed up to start a coffee company, we did not imagine that one day we would find ourselves filling a dump truck with all manner of construction debris, trash, moldy furniture and junk from the basement of a 100+ year old building.  

But, that is just what we did this past Friday.  Just another day in project Carabello Coffee Roasting Works and Espresso Bar.  

We are extremely grateful for our friends who volunteered their time on one of the hottest days of the year to demo the basement and a wall in the shop.  

Smashing things is especially fun when it is allowed, and it is awesome to know high school aged boys who need service hours when projects like this arise.  I am sure their mothers have to twist their arms to just take out the trash.  

But when Carabello offers them the chance to descend into a musty basement through a trap door and smash stuff with a sledge hammer, they sign up without even asking any questions!  Isn't youth grand?

Things at the new shop keep rolling along!  This week our construction team is working in earnest and we will be doing some espresso blending on Thursday.  Our team is coming together and we are super excited to see each and every one of you in this space by September (or sooner)!  We will keep you posted!