Color Menu

Back in June, we decided to do a menu based on colors. Everyone had a great time exploring this menu. We had just as much fun making it. We wanted to share more about the origin of the menu from Emily Carabello.


I (Emily Carabello) have been teaching art part-time each week for the last 15 years.  One of the basics that I always love to teach is color theory and the color wheel. I love the fact that three primary colors are the basis for all the other colors in the whole world.  There is something magical about watching a child mix colors for the first time.  I started thinking about how we could blend color theory and the Analog drinks and wondered if we could utilize the concept of "eating with our eyes first"  and choosing colors to see over flavors to taste.  Colors impact our emotions, our moods, and even how we feel about tasting things.  It was really fun to work with Austin on how to make delicious colorful drinks within the constraints of only using all-natural ingredients.  I hope the menu was inspiring to see as well as to taste :)