February Menu at Analog!

This month's theme is Book Club! We've crafted a new round of signature beverages for you all to enjoy. While you visit, we'll have a few copies of each book that the drinks were inspired by. Stop by, pick up a book and read it while you're here  It'll be a reoccurring theme every year, so there will be things inspired by different books year February.



Like Clockwork
• El Salvador • Orange Oleon Saccharum  • Palo Santo Bitters • Smoked Cardamom Pods • Oat Milk •


•  Espresso • Housemade Vanilla Bean Syrup • Lavender Earl Grey Wash • Smoked Bourbon Sugar •Milk •


• Espresso • Apple Juice • Lemon Juice • Strawberry-Watermelon • Fresh Apple •


The Bennet
• Nitro • Ginger Ale • Spruce Sugar • Grapefruit Bitters • Simple Syrup • Lime Juice • Orange Blossom Water•


The Darcy
• Nitro • N/A Hopped Beer • Jack Rudy Bitters • Housemade Dark Cherry Syrup • Burnt Orange • Apple Wood •