Flamingo Bingo: A Tropical Oasis in the Middle of March

For the first time since I started writing blogs here at Carabello I got to experience an event firsthand. As soon as we started planning Flamingo Bingo, I knew this was the event for me! I love tropical flavors, probably more than most other flavors—give me anything pineapple or coconut or mango—and I love palm trees and beachy vibes. 

I also know how to play Bingo because it requires zero skills other than listening and knowing your numbers, which I know quite well by this point in life. We’ve hosted two Euchre Tournaments here and while I loved our custom playing cards, I don’t know how to play euchre (and have zero desire to learn). 

Flamingo Bingo paired the tropical elements I love with a low-skill game that involved a possibility of winning prizes…can you say PERFECT?!

 So I signed up and brought my friend Kayla along with me! We did our best to wear tropical inspired outfits despite outside temps in the 40s, but the tropical atmosphere inside more than made up for the slight blusteriness of the gray March Saturday night.

Kayla and I went to the first seating at 6pm. We munched on tropical trail mix and ordered our first drinks as we waited for the number-calling to begin. One drink was included in the ticket price, but the drink menu on offer was loaded in case we wanted to order more (which we did!) 

Kayla started off with the Black Tea Sour and I, of course, chose the Iced Coconut Mango Latte based on my preferred flavor profile (as previously discussed). Later on, we were served another snack of soft pretzels with a delicious pimento cheese dip.

 Sarah and Andrew Winebrenner were our Bingo number callers for the night and they did a fantastic job! They were creative and humorous with their fun number-calling rhymes and every time someone won the whole room cheered!

That cheerful, uplifting environment is one of the things my coworker Emily Shinkle loved the most. She attended the 8pm with some friends and had a great time!

Emily said, “I always enjoy the events that Emily [Carabello] creates. This one felt like a no-brainer for me: games and a theme…I’m in! I appreciate a good theme and I’ve played bingo a lot. It exceeded my expectations because of how fun, uplifting, and encouraging it was, yet still competitive. I had more fun than I thought I would because the vibes were so good—the people, the setting, the callers, and the encouraging cheers whenever one of us would win!”

 While I, unfortunately, did not win any rounds of bingo, it was fun to cheer on others in their victories and see the creative flamingo and non-flamingo prizes they won.

 Kayla won some coupons and I was so excited for her! Emily also ended up winning a coveted flamingo yard sign she’d seen behind-the-scenes at work. Based on one guest’s winnings, I now know that I need a tiny flamingo-shaped planter in my life—and that knowledge is priceless.

We hope to see you at our next Flamingo Bingo!