From Kelly: A Look At the New Honduras Gabriel Leiva, Nicaragua La Amistad, & Box #65: Colombia Nariño Nariño

Kelly Combs has been a part of the Carabello family for some time now, ranging through different positions like barista, pastry director and now a part of our Green Coffee Buying team! Check out what she has to say about our new coffees!



These are three coffees that launched on February 4th! Though Jacoby and I will be collaborating on these for another week or so, I really do have to give the credit to him for the work on these. Yet, I did have the chance to cup the Honduras Gabriel Leiva a few weeks ago and I must say it is delicious... like seriously delicious! The Nicaraguan La Amistad is a shop staple and is a delight to just about everyone. I'm personally excited for Box 65.

For anyone that has been following the news in Columbia over the last year, the country had a national strike which had a large impact both socially and economically. I'm ecstatic that we were able to receive a truly special coffee from this country during such a trying time. 


Honduras Gabriel Leiva

Santa Barbara, Honduras is home to some of the best coffees on the planet. This is no small part due to the hard work of Benjamin Paz, manager of the dry mill San Vicente. 

Benjamin has created a world class program, that many origins try to emulate the world over, where he partners with smallholders, helps them understand how to make their quality the best that it can be, mills it to zero defects, and then arranges for roasters to purchase all of a producers' coffee year over year for an agreed upon quality price that rewards the hard work of each producer. The best Santa Barbara coffees in the world come through this partnership and we are honored to be able to purchase Gabriel Leiva's coffee this way. 

Gabriel's father transitioned to coffee from sugar cane farming and taught his children the way to care for coffee. When Gabriel was 20, his father gave him his own plot of land to strike out on his own as a coffee producer. With the help of San Vicente, Gabriel has been able to create a stunning coffee, with a classic profile that we love and know that you will too. We're grateful that this partnership exists and are honored to be the sole purchaser of Gabriel Leiva's coffee. 

In this balanced cup, expect to taste: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, & Apple. 


Nicaragua La Amistad

La Amistad is Spanish for "Friendship", and it's the name given to a specific plot of land on Luis Alberto Balladarez's award winning farm Un Regalo de Dios. This plot is mostly Red Catuai, which is a variety of coffee that, in our opinion, produces the quintessential cup of coffee. Luis Alberto expertly processes this lot as a washed process coffee and we are thrilled to bring it back to you again this harvest. Year over year, the batches of coffee that get the biggest accolades among our midwestern crowd are the ones composed of red catuai. Luis sets at least a few aside for us every year! 

The cup this variety results in is decadent with sugar browning flavors, chocolate, a hint of citrus, and a nice creamy mouthfeel. The name is also symbolic for what we prize most in this business- it is dear to our hearts to continue to forge friendships over coffee near and far! 


Box #65: Colombia Nariño Nariño 

Specs at a glance: 

  • Region: San Pedro de Cartago, Nariño

  • Cooperative: EcoTerra

  • Variety: Caturra, Colombia
  • Altitude: 1600-1800
  • Process: Double Ferment Washed 

  • Profile: Plum, Red Grape, Floral, Fudge


EcoTerra Nariño is a small cooperative composed of 140 producers who each produce between 2 and 3 hectares of coffee apiece. They are committed to innovating to bring out the best that Nariño as a region has to offer. This is a high calling, as Nariño produces some of the finest specialty in Colombia.

This separation of coffee underwent two stages of fermentation, once as a whole cherry, followed by a long period of time in a washing tank after being pulped. This allowed the coffee to develop the fullest extent of complexity and juiciness possible without varying away from a washed flavor profile. 

We think this cooperative really hit the mark for innovation and striving to perfect the flavor profile of their growing region.