Introducing...Summer Porch Hangs!

For the past five or so years, Block Party has been our summer blend and we have absolutely loved its fruit forward notes. Each year our Green Buying Team would go back to the drawing board to come up with a new version of Block Party that retained the essence of that "bowl of mixed summer berries" vibe.

THIS YEAR, however, as we were considering our summer blend, we all felt like we wanted something new. We decided on a complete refresh of both of the blend and the name. Our goal was to create a blend that’s equally enjoyable brewed hot or cold. We wanted it to be sessionable, aka a coffee you’d be happy to refill your cup with all day long. And we wanted it to have flavor notes that are versatile—notes that would taste amazing in coffee sangria, cold brew, with cream and your favorite flavored syrup, or however you prefer to drink coffee in the summer.

After lots of brainstorming and coffee-tasting, we feel we hit all the items on our wish list and are beyond excited to introduce to you our newest Seasonal Blend…

Summer Porch Hangs!

This blend has an entirely different profile than Block Party, but we love it for warmer weather! One thing we want to highlight is that Summer Porch Hangs consists of three Direct Relationship coffees that come from friends across the globe: Michael Omran, Gabriel Leiva, and Luis Alberto Balladarez. We love that we get to combine three great Single Origins from producers we have relationships with.

Here is the breakdown:

50% Ethiopia Abana Estate Natural (Michael Omran)

30% Gabriel Leiva Washed (Gabriel Leiva, from Honduras)

20% La Peña Natural (Luis Alberto Balladarez, from Nicaragua)

In the Cup: Bright Acidity, Brown Sugar, Floral. But we taste additional notes depending on how it's brewed:

When Brewed Hot: We taste Mild and Subtle Fruits

When Brewed Cold (we made flash brew in a Chemex): We taste Black Tea and Graham Cracker

We truly believe this is the kind of coffee you could sip on all day, that it has a flavor profile accessible to pretty much anyone, and that it’ll be tasty any way you prefer to drink it!

We ALSO think it happens to taste best on a porch, a balcony, or a deck whether hanging with friends or sipping solo.

But don’t just take our word for it—have your own summer porch hang and let us know how you're drinking the Summer Porch Hangs Seasonal Blend.