Staff Feature: Meet Cheyne!

Meet Cheyne! 

He is truly everybody’s friend! He is outgoing, kind, and always cracking a good joke. He is one of our Analog barista’s and can pour you a drink with the best of them. If Cheyne were a coffee beverage, he would be an espresso macchiato- short, sweet, and to the point! 

Cheyne got to know us as a regular with his wife, Laura, on their date nights. In fact, one of his favorite coffee memories is coming to our Valentines event with her. This past Valentine’s Day, we found him on the other side of the bar!


On his off days, he loves to spend time outside! He can often be found hanging with his wife and their friends around a fire or throwing some disc golf. If there were one song he could listen to on loop at the shop it would be “Sweet Disposition” by the Temper Trap. Cheyne is truly a delight to chat with and is always willing to take time to chat with you, so be sure to say “Hi Friend!” on your next visit.