Staff Feature: Meet Samiya!

Meet Samiya!  


She is spirited, charming, and has such a wonderful (somewhat dry) sense of humor. If she were a coffee drink, she would be a double espresso: complex, strong, and sweet. You can catch her behind both the Analog bar and in the cafe. Her passion for coffee is evident and a driving force behind her work. 


Miya is a music lover at heart. She is an avid concert-goer and always searching out new artists, especially if they're local! Her favorite jams to play in the shop would be anything by Tame Impala, and you’ll catch her spinning their records at Analog often.  


When she’s not crafting beverages or dancing at a concert, you’ll most likely find her catching up with friends or rock climbing at the gym. She even won some rock-climbing competitions in college against the guys. This girl can hang!  


If you haven’t had the chance to experience Miya’s fierce wit in person, book an Analog reservation soon and come chat with her. You won’t regret it.