Analog Coffee Bar Menu

FALL: This menu represents all the things we love about the fall. Cool mornings and evenings.
Cozy sweaters and blankets. Pumpkins, apples, hot chocolate.... do wee need to go on?


Winter's Eve: $5

This drink is the perfect drink for those cooler evenings. The base is cold and sweet and the top is warm and spiced.

| Sweet & Spiced |

Fireside Cocoa: $4.5

Imagine sitting around the crackling fire with the comforting flavor of hot chocolate - this drink will transport you right there.

| Hot Chocolate |

Grandma's House: $5.25

This drink is like a hug from grandma during the holidays - comforting, filled with love, & smelling like fresh-baked treats.

| Comforting & Lovable |

Stay Golden: $4.5

Sipping on this is like being in the company of your best friend - easy, familiar, comforting. It is made from a spiced, turmeric mixture & a housemade vanilla bean syrup.

| Spiced & Cozy |

Matcha: $4.25

True matcha comes from the tea gardens of Japan with careful preparation & ritual. We are serving it as a cappuccino to introduce you to one of our favorites.

| Earthy & Creamy |

Monthly: October

Trick & Treat: $5

The trick is that it tastes like you're drinking a s'more. The treat is that it tastes like you're drinking a s'more.

| Smokey & Sweet |

Bantam Java Punch: $5.25

This punch-drink is inspired from the first ever punch recipe dating back to 1665. The recipe was first recorded in an English novel after the author's real trip to the Indonesian island of Java. This drink features iced coffee, early grey tea, lime juice, and Lime oleo saccharum.

| Complex & Elegant |

Caramel Apple Cappuccino: $5.5

This sweet and delicious cappuccino will bring you back to your childhood memories of eating a caramel apple at your local orchard or fall festival.

| Crisp & Comforting |