Analog Coffee Bar Menu

SUMMER: This menu represents all the things we love about summer in Cincinnati.
Ice cream, coffee, swimming, shorts, and picnics with friends.


Banana Shake: $5.75

This is essentially an iced latte that features caramelized banana, smoked bourbon sugar, & chocolate bitters. It’s decadently sweet & creamy with a tropical kick.

| Sweet & Creamy |

The Sweet Life: $5.15

One of Austin’s favorite summer jams is a song called the Sweet Life. In this song it mentions mangos, peaches, & limes, so he decided to make a drink using all of these ingredients. This drink is meant to be sipped at classy Summer night party.

| Crisp & Complex |

Parnold Almer: $5.25

You know the drink, a classic - lemonade, black tea, but this time we have also added in iced coffee. It’s delicious, refreshing, & extra complex.

| Crisp & Energizing |

Monthly: July

Tres Leches Capp: $5

A fun take on a traditional Latin American dessert that incorporates the use of three different milks to create a sweet, creamy treat.

| Dessert-Like & Tropical |