Analog Coffee Bar Menu

SPRING: Marching into April showers & May flowers. This menu celebrates all of the things we love about the Spring season. 


Tres Leches Capp: $5

A fun take on a traditional Latin American dessert that incorporates the use of three different milks to create a sweet, creamy treat.

Dessert-like, Tropical |

Brian's Rootbeer Float: $6.25

Brian’s birthday was always highlighted by a trip to the old Rootbeer Stand to get a celebratory float. He invites you to join him in this coffee-take on an old favorite.

| Nostalgic & Sweet |

My In-Laws Party: $6

The signature drink of Analog’s Architect.
Inspired by the festivities hosted by his beloved wife’s Syrian/Lebanese parents in Southern California, this drink is the epitome of culture & good times.

| Complex & Tart |

Lavender Lemonade: $4.5

A cold drink never felt so cozy. This drink is filled with warm spices & bitters with the right touch of sweetness.

| Sweet & Tart |

Matcha: $4.25

True matcha comes from the tea gardens of Japan with careful preparation & ritual. We are serving it to you as a cappuccino to introduce you to one of our favorites.

| Powdered Green Tea |

Monthly: March

Happy Patty: $5.5

You don’t need to be green with envy anymore. Everyone’s favorite emerald isle inspired drink is back. Get your Irish on.

| Pinch Me |