"Coffee & Compassion in Tandem."  What does it mean and where did it come from?  

Well, for starters, it is our tagline!  OK, seriously... If you look at the bike in our logo, you will notice that it is a tandem bike.  (Read more about the bike here.)  "But why," you ask?  Because it is a symbol of the Carabello Coffee mission.   

Simply put, our mission is to responsibly source exceptional specialty coffees, artisan roast them to perfection, and then help build more sustainable lives for people in Third World coffee producing nations with the profit.  

We want to connect the people who are drinking our artisan roasted specialty coffee with the people and communities who worked so hard to get that coffee into our latte loving hands.  

The way we see it, spending money on specialty coffee is already inyour budget.  Walking into a Cincinnati coffee shop and enjoying a hand crafted latte, or picking up a bag of artisan roasted coffee beans is a regular part of your lives.  So, why not turn that purcahse into a way to also help someone else?  

Call it conscious consumerism, shopping your conscience or just plain old giving back.  We like to call it Coffee & Compassion in Tandem.  

Read more about what we are doing with our profit:  Nicaragua