Carabello Coffee

Chemex 10-Cup Brewer


They call these the "Classic" model Chemex brewer, and Carabello offers them in the 10 cup size (50 oz).  The brewer includes the one-piece machine-made glass coffeemaker, and wood collar handle with leather tie.

From Sweet Marias, "There are a few key advantages to using a Chemex compared to an auto-drip brewer. The first point is that the coffee-water mixture is the right temperature (between 195-205°F) from the beginning of the infusion.  Few auto-drip makers are capable of this and even a good auto-drip maker will brew at lower temperatures.  Secondly, you gain control over infusion time based upon the fineness of your grind and pouring technique.

Auto-drip makers become foul with rancid coffee residue, and invariably even with drip machines that are diligently cleaned, I can immediately taste this bitter, “off” flavor.  A disadvantage of paper filters is they can impart a noticeable flavor to the brew, especially the thick Chemex filters, so pre-wetting the filter is key.  Also, Chemex brewing is best when brewing larger amounts of coffee: paper taste and heat loss are more noticeable when trying to brew a small batch of say 12 oz.

You will need to buy filters separately.  Other brands of filters don't work well with Chemex because the drip opening is large. Even a Filtropa #6 will break at the seam in a Chemex.  The Chemex paper filters are extra heavy - so pre-rinsing to reduce paper taste is a must.  Then again, Chemex filters are not going to break your bank, so it is not a huge drawback.Want to impress your friends?  Tell them that your Chemex is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York."