Carabello Coffee

Coffee of the Month Gift Subscription - One Year


Giving as a Gift? Download this print-off card to give. 

The Carabello Coffee of the Month Club is perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy experiencing the vast complexity and variety of specialty coffee. We have now had several years to fine-tune this program into an experience that we are certain that you will enjoy. 

On the first Wednesday of every month, we roast club members a coffee that is exclusive and not available to the public. These are coffees that are all fully traceable to small shareholder farmers and that come from very small lots.   As such they will be rare and harder to come by.   

The idea is to span the globe of coffee production throughout the year and to offer origins that we have not offered before.  For example, so far this year we have offered coffees from Honduras, Sumatra, Kenya, Costa Rica, and India. We also include special information on the coffee, the farm, and tasting notes.  

Cost breakdown is $21.95 per month (which includes shipping) for one bag and payment is made in one installment of $264. 

We offer this subscription as whole bean only. If you or the participant of this gift would prefer a ground option, check out the Roaster's Choice Subscription.