12 Days of Christmas Tasting Experience

Dear Friends,

Last December my wife Emily came up with this idea to create a special coffee experience that could be given to someone on Christmas Day and then enjoyed each day for 12 days.  She had just given me the Onyx Coffee Lab's Advent Calendar, which is amazing, but had to be given on December 1st.  And as cool as that was, by Christmas Day the calendar was over and the coffee was all gone!  

So when I tell you that we've literally been working on this gift idea for an entire year, I'm not stretching the truth!  

Meet The 12 Days of Christmas Tasting Experience, a gift that we believe is the most interesting and most well-thought-out product we've ever made.   

Take a sensory journey through 12 unique coffees over the course of 12 days, beginning on Christmas Day.  From standout single origins, to Limited Release and Grand Cru coffees, this line-up is packed with tasty coffees that feature a wide range of processing methods, origins, and varieties. 

Each day you will open a 2oz tube of whole bean coffee.  Two ounces (about 60 grams) is the perfect amount of coffee for one pot, two small pour overs, or one full Chemex.
The coffees in this box are strictly whole bean, so be sure the recipient has their grinder dialed in!  

We have curated an impressive lineup of coffees and then stacked them up in an order we believe will make for a really enjoyable 12 days.  Experience such stand-out coffees as:
  • **Grand Cru** Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Winner #5 Maracaturra Natural
  • Colombia Narino Double Ferment Washed
  • **Grand Cru** Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond Honey
  • Yemen Sharqi Haraaz Peaberry Natural 
  • Un Regalo de Dios La Pena Yellow Catuai Natural Nano Lot
  • Sumatra Supersonic Natural
  • Ecuador La Perla Typica Mejorado Washed
  • And More!
I know that was a lot to share.  And if you made it this far you must be truly committed to us!!!   We've poured our hearts into this one, and are so excited for you to give or experience this lovely gift!!!