Some of Our Favorite Releases of November - 11/19/2021

Dear Friends,

Today we released four new coffees, and I wanted to get them in front of you right away so that you could take advantage of our 20% Off Thanksgiving Sale through Sunday night! 

These coffees are all proven winners at this point, so let's cut to the chase!

Nicaragua La Esperanza Washed - Sale Price $15.15
Fresh crop Nicas are finally here!  And to start off the season, we went with a crowd favorite. 
 La Esperanza is one of Luis' first farms, and this is a selection of only the bourbón coffee variety.  This is a very high quality variety, responsible for a flavor profile near and dear to our hearts. 

Luis pays premiums to ensure that pickers only select very ripe coffee cherry, which is then floated, depulped, and washed. The Balladarez special touch is a slow, even dry on covered raised beds for upwards of a month's time. This ensures an extremely sweet and clean cup bursting with flavor.
  • In the Cup - Expect a crowd pleasing and crushable cup of coffee. We taste apple, honey, and tootsie rolls!!

Ethiopia Abana Estate - Sale Price $15.95
This is the third year we've purchased coffee from Omran family, and we can now say with confidence that we have a genuine relationship with them!  Their farm, Abana Estate, is in the Oromia zone of Western Ethiopia, and can be honestly called a social enterprise.

Abana Estate also gives back to the village they are in, using some of their profit to build a community sports field, fund schools, and help fund healthcare for villagers to get the treatments they need. Their commitment is to be a sustainably grown, socially responsible farm that produces high quality coffee.
  • In the Cup - YUMTOWN: Floral, Peach, Citrus, Brown Sugar

Ethiopia Shentabene Limited Release - Sale Price $12.75
The folks at Chire Washing Station take painstaking effort to hand sort coffee and keep lots separate to produce an exceptional coffee.  This is the grade 1 separation, free from visible defects and a whopping 91.5 cupping score.  

  • In the Cup - Expect exquisitely clean washed Ethiopia at its best. Fresh jasmine, crisp acidity, a really refined sweetness, and a light mouthfeel like black tea.

Colombia Miguel Jiminez Natural - Sale Price $14.35
Miguel Jiminez is an innovative producer who is turning heads these days.  For this coffee, he utilized a technique used in many vineyards called "maceration", soaking the coffee in a sealed container makes a kind of fermentation happen that creates a huge burst of fruitiness.  The result is an extremely dynamic coffee.  

  • In the Cup - Strawberry, Blackberry Jam, Bubblegum, Juicy

Costa Rica Aguilera Brothers Honey - Sale Price $16.75
The Aguilera Brothers are a group of 12 siblings who have taken up the family business that their father started.  This particular lot is from their farm Finca Edgar, and its a separation of the high quality Villa Sarchi variety.  They honey processed this batch to create a wonderful balance between the brighter flavors of a classic washed costa rican coffee and the warm, rich sweetness that a good honey processed coffee can offer.

  • In the Cup - Exceptionally easy drinking while maintaining interesting flavor notes for the coffee adventurer.  Balanced and Mellow, Toffee, Apple, and Tart Lemon.

ONLINE ONLY:  The sale is still on through Sunday night, so stock up and drink amazing coffee at Thanksgiving! 

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Be blessed, friends.  And keep that great coffee flowing!