Our 2021 Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee - 12/10/2021

For the 7th year in a row, we have crafted a very special and limited bourbon barrel aged coffee for you!  And if the past is any indicator, these will not be around long (last year we sold out in a week)!

There must be very few places in the world where you can visit a bourbon distillery on one side of town and enjoy a cup of coffee that was aged in its spent barrels just a few blocks away.  But New Riff Distilling and Carabello Coffee make Newport, KY such a place.

In 2018, New Riff Distilling released its first bourbon.  And when they did, we were fortunate to get our hands on a few of those spent barrels.  Embarking on a quest to marry the fragrant aromatics of bourbon with the nuanced flavors of high grown Guatemalan coffee.

This coffee is uniquely Newport, KY.  We think that's pretty cool.  And we're confident you'll enjoy the fruit of our labors. 


  • Each tube comes with 8oz of bourbon barrel aged whole bean coffee
  • instructions on how to cold brew the coffee
  • A recipe card to make a Cold Fashioned Mocktail. 

What to Expect

We chose a high grown Guatemalan coffee from Huehuetenango for this year's project.  We then aged the coffee in the barrels and roast it at a slower rate to account for the additional moisture the coffee picks up during aging. 

Expect a coffee that is smooth, round and full of sugar browning flavors like caramel and molasses.  The bourbon really shines in the aromatics and adds a unique layer of flavor to the drinking experience.  

Each tube comes with 8oz of whole bean bourbon barrel aged coffee, plus a recipe card for our Cold Fashioned Mocktail.  We especially like this coffee cold brewed and then served with simple syrup, Angastura Bitters and an orange peel.