Bad Accident in Nicaragua | Carlos Needs Help!

Dear Friends,

On June 12th Carlos, Nahum and Antonio were in a very bad car accident, involving a head-on collision with a semi and a van from behind.  

We are grateful to God that everyone's life was spared, but Carlos and Nahum have suffered multiple injuries.  Their truck - a very important part of their operation - was totaled.  

Getting detailed information on the extent of the injuries has been a challenge, but here is what we know.

Carlos suffered a broken nose, possibly some head injury and an injury to his right eye.  His left hand seems broken and he has had difficulty walking.  

We are not sure what Nahum's injuries are, but we know he is undergoing an MRI.   Antonio seems to have walked away with just minor bruises.  

As you can imagine, medical care out in the remote part of Nicaragua that these men are living in is nothing like we experience here.  If they need more serious care, we will need to move them to an American hospital in Managua (5 hours away). 

We ask you to pray for their bodies and recovery as well as their families.  The health of these men is extremely vital to the care of the orphan children there as well as all of the feeding centers and handicapped children that are supported through their ministry.   

We also ask you to consider helping with the medical costs and the cost of replacing their truck.  As you can imagine, none of these costs was in their budget, and they do not have the cash flow to absorb these expenses.  The truck was insured, but the insurance company is only offering $1200 (that's a joke).  It will cost at least $15,000 to replace.  

Please Help!

We have already sent $1,000 and ask you to consider joining us in helping.  You can make a tax deductible donation to Flutemaker Ministries.  Simply follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to Flutemaker Ministries website
  • 2. Click on Donate to Kids of Cascabel in the upper right hand corner
  • 3. Fill in your donation amount
  • 4. Click the "Add Special Instructions" plus sign and write "Carlos Medical Expenses and Truck"
  • 5. Complete with Paypal

Please know, EVERY DOLLAR helps!  We will let them know we are sending this out so that they are aware people who do not normally give will be making donations.  Everything you give will go to help this situation!  We will update you as we know more. 

With Love,

Justin & Emily