Carabello Cold Brew on Nitro at Braxton is Legit

Carabello Cold Brew on Nitro at Braxton

In the craft coffee scene, the summer of 2015 may go down as the summer of cold brew on nitro.  

As cold brew has gained a TON of traction over the past two years (consider Starbucks is now rolling it out), the new frontier is infusing it with nitrogen so it drinks like a Guinness.  

Yep, you heard me: Guinness.  

This is certainly not without its challenges.  We've tasted a good amount of nitro cold brew gone bad, with it tasting gassy or the body thinning out because of the infusion of nitro.  

So, we teamed up with new brewery sensation Braxton Brewing in Covington to deliver what we believe is the smoothest, creamiest cold brew in all of Cincy.  

Let's face it, beer guys know a lot more about carbonation and nitro infusion than coffee guys.  And with Braxton's help, we believe we've nailed it.  

In their taproom they serve our cold brew straight and on nitro from the same patented system, and the results are stunning.  Definitely put this on your "Must Try" list this summer!

Side note: they also serve Carabello Coffee in the taproom Tues - Fri, 8AM - 4PM.  With gigabit internet and a spacious floor plan with lots of seating options, it is a great place for business meetings, off-site working or just catching up with a friend.  They are calling it the Taproom of the Future, where coffee and beer go hand in hand.  We kinda think they're on to something!

Braxton is located on 7th Street in Covington, right off of Madison.