Get a Clever & Drink Tastier Coffee

Clever Coffee Dripper"This is the best cup of coffee I have ever had; why is it so much better than what I am making at home?"  These were the words of our friend Ryan after finishing his cup of coffee one evening in our kitchen.

Mind you, this man is no stranger to drinking freshly roasted Carabello Coffee.   So why was what he drank in my kitchen superior to his morning Joe?

Mine was brewed in a Clever Coffee Dripper; his in a classic drip coffee maker.  Same ingredients, same paper filter, completely different results.  What gives?  Well, let me explain.

For starters, coffee brewed properly in a manual brew method will almost always be superior in complexity, aroma and depth of flavor than in an automatic brew method.  Simply put, manual brewing allows for a human being (infinitely more intelligent than a machine) to control all the variables.

But beyond that, there are a few things that make manual brewing, and in this case the Clever Coffee Dripper, superior to your classic coffee maker.

1. Full Immersion Brewing - Like a French Press, the clever coffee dripper Clever in Actionsallows for the coffee grounds to steep in the hot water.  This steep time (4 minutes) allows for the full depth of flavor to be extracted from the coffee grounds.  In your typical coffee maker, the water passes through the grounds too quickly, leaving precious flavor in your brew basket.

2. Proper Water Temperature - For coffee to be properly brewed, water needs to be in the 195- 205 degree range.  There are really only three or four coffee brewers on the market that get water this hot.  And if you did not spend $200+ on yours, you don't own one of them.  The Clever Coffee Dripper allows you to bring water to a boil and then pour, ensuring that your water is hot enough to (again) extract the maximum flavor.

Pros - Control all the necessary variables, resulting in superior coffee; easy cleanup; small footprint; BPA free plastic.
Cons - Only makes one cup at a time (4:30).

This is the only way I make coffee for myself at home.  If I am entertaining and want to make a larger amount, I use a 6 cup Chemex glass brewer, another fine manual brew method.  If you are spending good money for our coffee, don't leave flavor in your brew basket.  Get a little nerdy and drink superior coffee.

Get Yours
We now sell the Clever Coffee Dripper in our Online Store for $22.  Or, if you want to add one to your order, let me know and I will grab one for you.

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