Little Nicaraguan Boy Rescued

Pastor Carlos Baez of Kids of Cascabel with Little Fanuel"I have brought Fanuel home. This is what our foundation was created for." 

Most of you know that, as one of our works of compassion, Carabello Coffee supports the work of The Kids of Cascabel orphanage in Somoto, Nicaragua, known inside Nicaragua as A Heart to Love Foundation.  Recently, Pastor Carlos, founder of the orphanage, was able to rescue a little boy named Fanuel.  The story is so compelling, that I have to pass it along to you.   

About twelve years ago, a lady named Juana, who was over 50 years old, had a husband who demanded she give him a child or he would leave her.  Shortly after that, the man went to work in Costa Rica.  During the time he was away, Juana took possession of a newborn baby from a prostitute and told her husband that the baby was his.  The boy was named Fanuel. 

Just a few months later, while working in Costa Rica, the husband was killed in a bar dispute.  Then, when Fanuel was one year old, Juana died of cancer.  And so, the small boy began to get passed around. 

He stayed with an aunt off and on for 4 years, then was left to fend for himself.  With no home, and no one to defend him, he became the victim of abuse.  The people of the area in which he lived say he suffered physically and psychologically during the past eight years.  Given to hard labor, Fanuel was beaten when he would not comply.  Thus, in his own words, he became an "escape artist" in order to avoid abuse, often seeking refuge in other homes. 

Somehow, Pastor Carlos found out about this boy and set off to see if he could rescue him and bring him to A Heart of Love.  When Carlos found him,  he was sleeping on the floor in an empty sack without a blanket; his clothing was old and he had no shoes.  He showed Carlos many scars from the beatings, and told him that his schooling only went to the second grade.  "When I came to fetch the boy," says Carlos, "the people laughed that he was leaving."

Carlos goes on to explain: 

"I wept last night and couldn't sleep at the lack of love people can have when they don't know the Lord.  I pondered that someone can feel pain when they give away an animal.  But giving away a baby, a child, a boy?  I have brought Fanuel home.  This is what our foundation was created for.  

"Last night we spoke and he shared his painful life with me.  I hugged him, loved on him and our volunteers welcomed him.  He slept in a safe room on his new bed.  Today Lorena is showing him around the center and giving him advice.  Christ taught us to love and I am thankful He changed us and allows us to serve Him."

Knowing we are a small part of helping to support the work Carlos is doing among children such as Fanuel blesses us beyond words.  Carlos is a hero; a man with the love of God moving through him to change a generation of young people in his country. 

Our world is full of tragedy and adversity.  Everywhere we turn it seems some horrific evil is being played out.  But such tragedies also become an opportunity for the conquering power of God's love to be put on display.  When a man like Carlos is inserted into tragic events, the trajectory of the lives involved often change.  That is what I see when I read Fanuel's story, and that is what I believe is possible.