Carabello Coffee Moving to Newport | Opening Espresso Bar & Ice pop Shop

Future Home of Carabello Coffee in Newport, KYAfter enjoying the blessing of roasting inside Velocity Bike & Bean in Florence for nearly two years, we will be moving to Newport, KY this summer!  For two years we have waited for God to shine His light on the right space for Carabello Coffee in Newport, and several months ago it finally happened.  105 E. 9th Street, right around the corner from Monmouth in historic Newport, will be our new home.  

We plan to move our roastery to the new location and open an Epresso Bar and Bello's Bike Pops shop in the cozy 600 square foot space!  This will be our very own Carabello Coffee home and, with it being 6 city blocks from our home, we could not be more excited!  

Exposed brick walls, 12 foot ceilings, hard wood flooring and tons of natural light, will make for a great place to come and interact with our coffee and mission.  Here we are, pictured inside with a custom piece of art from our friends John & Elli Milan of Milan Fine Art in Queen Creek, AZ.  We have a lot of work to do between now and when we will open, but tentative plans are for us to get things off the ground this summer.  

Justin and Emily Carabello inside their new coffee shop in Newport, KYWe are very excited for our business to be a part of the fabric of our community and its revitalization.  More than just freshly roasted whole bean coffee, great espresso drinks and Emily's gourmet ice pops, Newport can get ready for roasting demonstrations, brewing classes, home roasting rodeos, Barista throw-downs and much more!  Truth be told, they might not exactly know what to do with us!

We will continue to serve and sell our coffee at Velocity Bike & Bean and are very blessed for the love and support Mark and Lisa and the entire Velocity community has shown us.  They made a place for us at a time when we needed a home, and will always be a vital part of our story.  

Stay tuned for more as the build out begins and plans unfold!   For now, share this with your friends and community, Like us on Facebook, spread the coffee love and help us get the word out there!  


Emily- my pastor loves coffee-could you bring me a couple of bags of ground coffee for me to give to him for Pastor Appreciation and a coffee mug-I will pay you Thursday thanks

Louann BARTHOLOMEW October 08, 2013

We’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Good luck and congratulations.!!!!!

Tom September 16, 2013

I sent this message to Mark Ball when I thought I was sending it to you. He gave me your website. I was surfing the web when I came across Carabello Coffee.
My name is Bob Carabello. I was born and raised in Colorado & all of my relatives are in Colorado. I moved to California 7 years ago.
I knew there were others out there, but not exactly where.
I love coffee & I bet Carabello coffee is really good. It has to be !!

Bob Carabello July 28, 2013

We cross Ninth St. every day on our way to work and I look down to see what progress is being made. Can’t wait to be able to stop by!

Kathleen Wedig July 10, 2013

Are you currently in the hiring process at all?

Rebecca June 19, 2013

What a GREAT looking store front. I can imagine what the inside looks like. May God bless this endeavor—pressed down, shaken together and running over. And that goes for all the people you touch for the Kingdom as well.

Linus May 31, 2013

Looks like a good location.

Good Luck!

John Morrow May 22, 2013

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