April Coffee Releases!

This past month we have been blown away with your generosity. We didn't think we would be able to release new coffees for awhile BUT you guys have showed up and allowed us to do that. So thank you. Without further ado, here are the new coffees for April!


 Nicaragua Lo Prometido Java Natural • Releasing April 17th • $18.95

Lo Prometido Java Natural- A Naturally processed coffee from our friend, Luis Alberto Balladarez. This is one of many micro-lots we receive each year from him. We're excited for you to taste this tropical coffee and get you in the mood for warmer weather.


Honduras Maria Fernandez • $14.95

 This is the third year we've purchased Maria Fernandez's coffee, through the care and support of Beneficio San Vicente in Santa Barbara. This is by far the coolest way we've seen a dry mill support small producers, by doing all the hard work of finding them buyers who are willing to pay the kinds of premium pricing that their coffee deserves. We're the only ones in the world who have been offered Maria Fernandez's coffee, and its an honor to purchase her coffee at a price that makes her able to reinvest in her work and continue to grow as producer.


Organic Peru Valle Inca • $18.95

Julio Sucauca is a part of the producer group called "Valle Inca", which is a group of just over 100 producers around the remote Yanatile Valley of southern Peru. This group is headed by Prudencio Vargas Saenz, who formalized the group to gain access to certification which secures a higher base price for the group's coffee and the hope of being able to export their own coffee soon. This producer group works heavily with Red Fox Coffee Merchants, who buys over 1000 bags of the producer group's coffee and continues to give valuable feedback for continuing to help the group raise quality and give consistent premium pricing to the farmers.


Nicaragua Santa Teresa Natural • $17.95

Luis Joaquin Lovo has become a dear friend over the past several years, as we have visited his farm, shared meals, heard his concerns for the future and difficulties of being a coffee farmer. We have had the opportunity to partner with him in several ways- but most recently we helped him invest in African raised beds that resulted in him diversifying his coffee offerings by beginning to do natural and honey processed coffees along with drying his already excellent washed coffees in an even higher quality way. This lot was his first attempt at a natural processed coffee and we think it is superb. Tons of juicy citrus flavors along with a continuing sweetness that makes it an instant classic.