Let's Talk About Grind

We wanted to take a moment to give you an easy way to select the right grind setting for your next purchase of Carabello Coffee. The best way to enjoy your coffee, as you may have heard, is to grind your coffee right before you plan to brew it. We understand that for some folks, it's hard to justify the cost of a quality burr grinder- and we get it! The next best thing is for you to select the right size grind setting for your home set up to ensure that you get the most out of your bag of coffee. We're going to dive into the current grind settings we offer. Those are: Whole bean, Espresso, Aeropress, Flat, Cone, Chemex, French Press.
We nicknamed the coarsest setting "french press", this is a grind setting where the grind is chunky, and has a large particle size. This is for use in a french press, of course, but also in a percolator, with any mesh metal filter, and in reusable K-cups. This is because the large grind size prevents the gritty flavor that can come from smaller particle sizes getting through the wire mesh. It's good for the K-cup as well, because the water flows through those very quickly, and this prevents the grounds from ending up in your cup of coffee!

The Chemex pourover is a coffee brewer with a thick filter that brews up to about a liter of coffee at a time, we've given you the option to grind your coffee to be suitable for brewing a Chemex with this thick filter, which needs to just be a little finer than french press to get a desirable flavor and strength. This would also be suitable for large home coffee makers that make 1+ liters of coffee. 
Next, we have the option we've called cone. This is referring to the shape of the basket you are brewing coffee in. This grind is great for all single and multi cup brewers that are shaped like a V, and brewers that are still flat on the bottom but have fanned out sides. These could be Hario v60, Beehouse, Melitta, smaller Bonavita brewers, Mr. Coffee drippers, and an assortment of others. 
Flat bottom grind settings are great for all brewers and coffee makers that don't have fanned out walls, but instead have a shape closer to a cylinder. Most auto-drip home brewers have this shape for their basket. Kalita wave pour overs as well as several others also suit this grind setting. 
Aeropress grind refers to the pour over device that uses a plunger to express a concentrated coffee beverage that is filtered by a small paper filter through a tube. This requires a fine grind setting, one that would make a regular coffee maker overflow, but since you are pushing the water through by hand, this means you get a coffee with a high brew strength. This grind setting is also perfect for a Moka pot, or stovetop espresso maker. 
Lastly we have espresso grind. This is an extremely fine grind that can only be used in espresso machines. This is a very nuanced grind setting, and we would recommend you getting an espresso grinder to make sure you are able to have precisely the right grind setting for your machine, but this will be fine enough to produce an espresso shot through most home espresso makers if you don't presently have one.  
We hope this has answered your grind size questions and that you feel comfortable selecting the grind size on your next purchase of Carabello Coffee.