Autumn Equinox Fall Seasonal Blend is Here

We love the changing of the seasons and how they usher us along through each passing year.  Here is the Midwest, Fall is perhaps the best of all seasons.  We love putting on our flannel shirts and all the activities that go along with the cooler weather:  Bonfires, Corn Mazes, Apple Cider, and EVERYTHING PUMPKIN.  

Pumpkin ales, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Pumpkin Bread... after 9 years of running a Midwest coffee shop, we can attest to the fact that, if it is September through November and has pumpkin in it, we will have a hard time keeping it in stock.  

While there is no pumpkin in our Fall Seasonal Autumn Equinox, it is, hands-down, one of our most popular coffees of the year, and for good reason.

This Year's Blend

This year's Autumn equinox is a multi-process blend of three coffees.  The base is Kayon Mountain, a naturally-processed Ethiopian coffee that has tons of delicious fruit flavors, creamy body and a really rich texture. 

Added to that is the El Ganador micro lot from our friend Luis Balladerez in Nicaragua, which brings in a crisp apple note as well as contributes to the cleanness and lovely acidity. 

Finally, a washed coffee from the Rebuilding Women’s Hope cooperative located in the South Kivu region of Democratic Republic of the Congo.  This is an 88 point stunner of a micro lot that brings in some really nice baking spice notes and helps pull it all together

Together, they make us feel all the Fall feels: awesome light fruity flavors and a creamy mouthfeel alongside a soft cinnamon-nutmeg finish. 

In the Cup Expect:

Light Floral notes with Mild Fruit, Red Apple, Cinnamon and Clove. 

Enjoy Autumn Equinox today!