Orders Over $50 Now Ship Free!

Swing into September with our new FREE SHIPPING deal. 

We have been operating with a flat shipping rate for quite some time now, but we believe now is time to switch things up.  Orders under $50 will now select from standard shipping rates and orders over $50 will ship free. 

Why the sudden change?  I'm so glad you asked!

As we all grapple with how we navigate this new season of hyper inflation, we believe we will all win if we think more in terms of how we can economize through consolidation. 

Here are 4 reasons behind this move and why it is a win for all of us. 

1. In the past few years, we have made improvements in our roasting and packaging that positively extend coffee freshness.  Properly stored upon arrival at your home (at room temperature, in low humidity and away from natural light) we are confident that our coffee will continue to be complex and tasty for up to a month before we start experiencing a quality drop off.  

2. Four 12oz bags of coffee perfectly fit into our Carabello Logo Box.  If you brew one pot of coffee a day, a 12oz bag will last you roughly one week.  Presently our average order is for 2 bags of coffee.  Most of our customers order twice per month, which means twice the amount of packaging and twice the work.  While we're happy to continue doing that for those who prefer it, by ordering in quantities of 4 bags of coffee, you get a month's supply of fresh coffee and we save on the packaging and labor.  We'd prefer to share that savings with you in the form of free shipping!

3. More and more people are ordering 5lb bags of coffee.  There are some people out there who really pound our coffee!  Large families, small offices, people who order in bulk and share, etc.  Since our 5lb bags automatically save you 10%, more and more people are leveraging that to their advantage.  It is less labor and packaging on our end (one 5lb bags is the equivalent of 6.5 12oz bags), better for the environment and cheaper.  Of course, you have to want to drink the same coffee for a while, but some folks actually prefer that (as those who love variety gasp).

4. People love deals.  Let's face it, getting a deal is really significant to people.  We've found a way to offer our customers a deal that makes sense for all of us, so let's celebrate that!  

Whether you prefer to order in smaller quantities and more frequently or consolidate those orders and get free shipping, we will continue to source and roast the best coffees we can find and send them your way!