Bringing Meaning to "Coffee & Compassion in Tandem": Our Story

Our mission is to responsibly source exceptional coffee, roast them to perfection, and then do what we can to help build more sustainable lives for people in the nations from which we source our coffee.

The primary way we do this is to create as much economic impact as we can by paying prices for our coffee that are well above market price.  The price of 40% of our coffees is set through conversations with producers and we know exactly how much money they received when it is all said and done.  

Secondarily, we have endeavored to invest 20% of our net profit back into works of compassion.  We partner primarily with The Mercy Kids who are helping children and families experiencing disability in Nicaragua.  We also partner with Compassion International in Nicaragua and Rwanda as well as Kenya Kids Can in Kenya.  

Through our partnership with Crossroads Church and Pastor Luis Alberto Balladarez, we have been blessed to help build a Child Development Center in Ocotal, Nicaragua.  Presently 250 children and their families are receiving sponsorship through that center.  

We want to connect the people who are drinking our coffee with the people and communities who worked so hard to get that coffee into our latte loving hands.  

The way we see it, spending money on specialty coffee is already in your budget.  Walking into a Cincinnati coffee shop and enjoying a handcrafted latte, or picking up a bag of artisan roasted coffee beans is a regular part of your lives.  So, why not turn that purchase into a way to also help someone else?  

Call it conscious consumerism, shopping your conscience or just plain old giving back.  We like to call it Coffee & Compassion in Tandem.